Private Label Development


Lubral Marketing department have more than 60 years of success working hand in hand with our clients, developing their brands and product portfolio. In Lubral we offer a 360° service to our customers from the creation of brands, logos, customized packaging to lubricant oil formulation, according to their needs; we also put at their service our experience in this industry, both national and international, to assist them in the creation of a commercial strategy to ensure success.



We have clients who have a strong brand positioning in the market. As part of our values, we make sure that every product is created like at home, as our own brand. We also have clients that are starting in this industry and together we help them to build the foundations of their new brand.


One of Lubral great advantages is the flexibility to work with any kind of packing from 5.41 oz. flexible packing to bulk lubricant oils in totes of 264.17 gallons or even in tank trucks of 5.500 gallons, according to the needs of our clients. We have a wide catalog of packaging available to manufacture products, as well as the possibility of developing exclusive packaging.


Our experience of more than 60 years in the industry has allowed us to work with many brands, we have a team dedicate on design development to guide an develop of our clients brands so they have the commercial elements necessary to impact on the market; As well, we compliance lubricant oils regulations NOM 050 and NOM 116. For label printing we work with high quality suppliers that give us the flexibility to work different projects according to volume like digital short run printing and high volume printing; We also have the option to do flexographic printing.


Once we have the design, the next important step is content. In Lubral we work with our Marketing, Technical Support and Research & Development departments side by side over our lubricant oils and additives suppliers, to set forth technical information for product development, such as applications, recommendations, certifications, etc.


In Lubral we have a Technical Support team, expert in documentation, who helps us with the development of technical sheets, safety data sheets (SDS), commercial brochures, training courses, just some ways we can help your Marketing and Sales teams to promote your products.


All our products comply with regulations and approvals from their original equipment manufacturers; As well, we help you with your brand design. We also help you to ensure that your product fulfill the requirements, is properly registered, and it is part of our Authorized Suppliers.


Lubral Marketing team has extensive experience developing and participating in national and international events. Is either a commercial or a technical event, our Technical Support team can back you up during your events, providing training and solve any technical inquiries.